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Oly and mel bring you

Olymel brings to you 365 days of sandwiches

A sandwich a day, every day

Olymel brings to you 365 days of sandwiches
365 days of sandwiches

Back to school? Back to making lunches!

To make heading back to school easier on the whole family, we've created seven simple sandwich recipes with lots of healthy ingredients. Now, you can spend your extra time on the truly important prep, like making sure to get 22 Duo-Tangs in 22 assorted colours, even though we all know your kids will only use five of them. Happy back-to-school season!

Even though sandwiches most often end up in lunchboxes, you could also put them in your breadbox or even your glove box, but never in your gearbox. You could pair yours with a juice box, eat it in a sandbox or give it in a gift box.

This week, it's all about bacon: 7 delicious sandwiches cranked up to the next level thanks to bacon's great taste. No need to save your bacon for this one! Just follow the recipe, that's all.

An open-faced sandwich is a lot like an open book, except with bread instead of covers, and toppings instead of pages (unless you like to add toppings to your books. We won't judge…too much).

Rumour says the government is thinking of establishing the Official Croque-Famille Week, to spread awareness of the joy of eating sandwiches whose name begin with “croque”.