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At Olymel, we're in love with bacon

That's why we came up a special section that's all about bacon and its infinite possibilities!
There are just so many awesome foods, recipes and meals you can concoct with bacon, it'll make your head spin! Bacon truly is the cook's best friend!

From comfort food to gargantuan brunches, on pizza or in tacos, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy bacon.

Now you, too, will have everything you need to know to become true diehard bacon fans like us!

Bacon 101

Did you know ?

According to Porc Quebec, bacon's fat content varies depending on what part of the flank it comes from.  If cut from the side of the flank, it tends to be leaner.

Back bacon, also known as Canadian bacon, is a leaner cut that's more like ham than bacon. Different countries cut their bacon in different ways. 

At Olymel, for smoked bacon to have flavour, really great flavour, the centre of the flank is where it's at. A centre cut means that each slice is made up of 2/3 lean and only 1/3 fat. That makes it a more flavourful piece of bacon while remaining leaner than a lot of other meat products.

Lardons, or bacon that's not sliced into strips but rather cubed or julienned, adds loads of flavour to salads, carbonara pasta, fried mushrooms, etc.

Pancetta, an Italian specialty cut from the pork belly, is rarely smoked and often spiced.

Bacon is the perfect start to your day. And if you are doing any weight training, it's highly recommended as a good source of protein and calories without a lot of fat. SOURCE

Bacon contains choline, a vitamin that's important to brain development in babies during pregnancy, making bacon an excellent food choice for expecting moms.

Bacon by numbers


That's the quantity of fat contained in 100g of bacon.  

"Now you can enjoy bacon-flavoured cocktails and even beer!"


Since 1500 BC!  Incredibly, that's how long people have been eating pork!

"Bacon makes one heck of a hangover cure!"


That's the amount of protein in every 100g of bacon.

That explains why people are starting to look at bacon as a supercharged source of protein.