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Your gathering point for tips and inspiration

Your gathering point for tips and inspiration



King of the cafeteria

Cooking tricks

31 August, 2021

Don't feel like waiting by the microwave at the office? Olymel has THE solution, or rather ..  solutionS for you! We've prepared a selection of sandwiches for you that are way ahead of the plain[...]


A toast for every occasion

Family life

15 September, 2021

Toasts are perfect at any time of day. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, the possibilities are endless, as shown by the many favorites we listed here! A good bread, excellent Oly[...]



Family life

14 September, 2021

Who says back to school also means the return of rushed dinners? We know how chaotic evening meals can be. That's why we offer you here our best sandwich recipes to recreate in order to save time,[...]


I did it myself!

Family life

30 August, 2021

Do you have a teenager at home who asks for nothing better than to be able to help out when it comes to preparing lunches? Suggest the following sandwich ideas. And if you're not one of the lucky[...]


It's a Wrap!

Family life

30 August, 2021

Looking for quick and effective solutions to satisfy the appetites of kids who just returned to school? Why not wraps! Here are our 5 most popular wrap recipes: [...]


«In-Croissant» Love

Family life

31 August, 2021

Fan of croissants? Here is a top 5 that will please you! Olymel cold cuts and croissants are always a winning combo! [...]


Back to school is in the bag!

Family life

30 August, 2021

Your children are going back to school and you are looking for inspiration to fill their lunchbox? Here is THE reference list you need! Check out our top 10 most popular sandwiches: [...]


Three pressure cooker pork recipes that are sure to delight

Cooking tricks

16 March, 2020

A miracle of modern cuisine, the pressure cooker lets you sample Olymel fresh pork even faster! Pork loin, ribs and other delights have never been easier to make. Here are three comfort recipes fo[...]


12 fun recipes to introduce your kids to cooking

Family life

18 February, 2020

A love of cooking is often passed down from one generation to the next. We all remember a few of our grandmother's classics or have fond memories of a dish from our childhood. Now it's your turn to [...]


Five simple and satisfying snacks

Cooking tricks

7 January, 2020

Have you ever eaten a snack and noticed that you were hungry five minutes later? The secret lies in the kind of snack you choose. It's quite simple. Eat small portions of good food. Olymel deli me[...]


5 old-school recipes reinvented


30 December, 2019

When your grandmother visits for supper, there are three golden rules: serve great food, serve great food... and serve really great food. We can help you do just that. We reinvented classic recipe[...]


Breakfast of champions

Well living

28 June, 2019

We’ve all heard it before, whether from our mother, a teacher or a health specialist: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And the reason for that of course is found right in the n[...]


Say ¡Holà! to our three Spanish deli platter ideas


15 April, 2019

How do you say deli meat in Spanish? Easy: Serrano. Salchichón. Chorizo. Three Spanish words that are absolutely going to change your life once you've tasted our 3 deli plate combos, each create[...]


Making vegetables sexy for carnivores

Well living

6 February, 2019

Not quite as attracted by a bunch of broccoli as by a nice crisp slice of bacon? Brussels sprouts don't make your mouth water as much as grilled sausages? Crudités can't quite hold a [...]


Strut your stuffing!


18 December, 2018

Our best stuffing recipes... or how to stuff meat with more meat At Olymel, we are so in love with charcuterie that every winter we make bologna Inukshuks in our backyards.  We love cold cuts[...]


Our 5 all-time best sofa surfing recipes

Well living

11 December, 2018

It's that time of the year again when we renew our love affair with our sofas: between the new fall TV line-up, season 18 of our favourite show, or the return of hockey, you'll soon be growi[...]


Athletes eat a tonne of pasta: but why exactly?

Well living

29 October, 2018

Whether you’re a hard core year-round athlete or more of a weekend warrior, you’ve no doubt heard that pasta is one of the best foods around when it comes to supplying energy. Is this[...]


Sports and physical activities at mealtimes: Should you eat beforehand, or not?

Well living

13 September, 2018

Working out at or around mealtimes is pretty common these days for many of us: whether it’s early in the morning, at lunch or after work, with our busy schedules eating and physical activities[...]


Everything you always wanted to know about sausages

Practical guide

18 July, 2018

Whether you like them grilled to perfection or as an appetizer, alone or with friends, sausages always give people something to talk about. And if the subject does turn to sausages around the tab[...]


9 recipes that'll put seasonal fruits and vegetables on your plate

Practical guide

22 June, 2018

Local Quebec fruits and vegetables are a lot like summer weather: it's not around for long but when it is, you have to get your fill!  To make sure local vegetables find their way to your[...]


Buying to give back

Well living

7 May, 2018

Olymel makes a $1,250,000 commitment to Quebec food banks "What are we having for supper?" It's a question you hear every day when your family starts looking forward to the delic[...]



Well living

7 November, 2017

Nitrite-free cold cuts. What are they exactly? Very recently we added a new line of products to our grocery offering: nitrite-free cold cuts. You probably eat nitrites every day without ever co[...]


Healthy lunches in disguise for Halloween

Practical guide

19 October, 2017

Halloween's just around the corner and with it comes ample opportunity for your kids to  go to town on the sweets. And though chocolate-licorice diet high in is awfully yummy, there are other ways t[...]



Cooking tricks

16 October, 2017

It's time for fall activities with the family, and that includes the inevitable trip to the u-pick orchard! And it will come as no surprise that you'll soon find yourself with way more apple[...]


Father's Day: 5 gift ideas for 5 one-of-a-kind dads

Family life

13 June, 2017

Whatever his passion, find the gift he’ll love! [...]


A mini veggie garden in your kitchen!

Practical guide

9 May, 2017

Now that spring's finally here, we bet you're looking forward to some fresh, flavourful greens. Perfect timing, because spring is the ideal season to start your kitchen garden! Nothing could be easi[...]


Gift ideas for Mother's Day

Family life

27 April, 2017

Personalized gift ideas that'll delight her or surprise her… or hopefully both! Here's a helping hand so you can find that special personal gift for the moms in our lives.  1. Of course[...]


A green spring cleaning special: 4 cleaning products you can make yourself

Home tips

26 April, 2017

For a sparkling clean house, naturally! When spring arrives, everyone looks forward to airing out the house and to giving it a good scrubbing from top to bottom, all to finally say goodbye to w[...]


4 crafty ideas just in time for Easter!

Family life

31 March, 2017

Gather the family and make your own fun decorations and disguises!    costumes ? What better way to spend Easter weekend than doing a little do-it-yourself crafting with the family![...]


7 great ways to use ice cube trays

Cooking tricks

20 March, 2017

To make life simpler or a little sweeter! Ever considered replacing those old ice cube trays with plastic bags? Read on, it’ll change your entire outlook on the subject!  Not only are[...]


3 great reasons to serve pork

Practical guide

6 March, 2017

The truth about pork In a lot of people’s minds all cuts of pork have a lot of fat, but nothing could be further from the truth! The reality is, not only is pork not fatty, it’s one of[...]


5 things you can do to get more happiness out of winter

Family life

28 February, 2017

Figure the snowman has had enough of the white stuff this year?  Here are 5 ideas to have some fun out of doors this winter.   More snow in the forecast? Awesome! Everybody outside! Get [...]


5 original gift ideas to help personalize your Valentine's Day

Practical guide

7 February, 2017

Face it, giving chocolate and roses is getting a little cliché. Valentine’s Day is a lot like Hawaiian pizza: either you like it or you don’t.  And sometimes even people[...]


Football Night: recipes of champions for watching the big game with friends


20 January, 2017

7 easy recipes that are sure to score big! The climax of the American football season is fast approaching. Whichever teams make the final, the hoopla surrounding the game is like nothing else on [...]


Make your oven make miracles

Cooking tricks

20 January, 2017

Be the roasting and braising master you always wanted to be! Oven roasting looks simple, but if you want a tender, flavourful piece of meat, you have to follow a few basic rules. We’ve p[...]


6 holiday decorations you can make yourself

Practical guide

2 December, 2016

Easy-to-make decorations add a uniquely personal touch to your holiday décor Holiday preparations are always filled with joy and wonder, especially when the family pitches in and trims th[...]


5 comfort food recipes perfect for cocooning

Well living

18 November, 2016

November's nasty cold weather makes you want to do some serious cocooning at home, whether you're single, a couple or you've got kids. To get the most from your cocooning time you need:  •[...]


Getting the house and garden ready for winter

Practical guide

17 November, 2016

An all-you-need-to-remember checklist! Finally got the Halloween decorations stowed away? Nice job. But don’t get ensconced in front of that big screen just yet: it’s time to deck out [...]


5 rainy day activity ideas

Family life

10 November, 2016

Get inspired and have an awesome time with your kids! It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring! Which is fine for the old man, maybe, but where does that leaves the rest o[...]


Canning 101

Cooking tricks

24 October, 2016

Everything you need to know about using Mason jars for your fall canning Like a lot of people, you might associate fall with home canning. And while canning was a necessity in our grandparent[...]


Halloween Special: very scary foods!

Cooking tricks

21 October, 2016

Yummy ideas to spook your little monsters! Ah, the night all the mini-vampires, pint-sized Spidermen and adorable little witches come out to haunt the neighbourhood. Halloween is often a kid&rsq[...]


Celebrating Oktoberfest!


18 September, 2017

A handy guide to beer and sausage pairings This fall, Germany is coming to town! During Oktoberfest, which as you may have guessed is German for October Festival, it's time to party it up and try [...]


Quebec's 6 most beautiful parks

Family life

26 August, 2016

Quebec is full of incredible parks that make superb destinations for a leisurely picnic or a weekend of camping fun.  Whether you’re looking for a natural green space within an urban se[...]


The marinade primer!

Cooking tricks

26 August, 2016

The ultimate reference guide to preparing delicious marinades Sometimes in life, happiness comes in the form of a truly tender, juicy piece of meat that's been marinated to perfection. The good n[...]


How to survive heat waves

Well living

8 August, 2016

Discover Olymel's tips to surf the heat wave A Québec summer without dog-days is not a real summer! After waiting and hoping for months for the sun and heat to return, who is going to c[...]


Cooking with kids: learning can be fun and tasty!

Family life

8 August, 2016

Olymel is offering you a few tips to enjoy the benefits and pleasure of family cooking. We all want to spend quality time with our children but we sometimes lack inspiration when the time comes to[...]


8 tips that make camping trips simpler

Family life

7 July, 2016

You finally did it. Your site’s booked, you bought yourself a tent: this summer you are taking the camping plunge.  Time for the whole family to soak up a bit of nature, enjoy yourselve[...]


5 tips for taking a road trip with kids

Family life

7 July, 2016

For a fun, worry-free vacation In summer, road trips make for super weekend getaways or longer vacations for the whole family… provided you get organized first! Whatever your destinat[...]


7 tips for a no-hassle moving day

Family life

23 June, 2016

Tricks to help your move go just a little bit smoother Moving season has arrived, and with it comes the excitement of creating that perfect, all-new home you always wanted! Yet often the fuss and[...]


Five DIY decorating tips for successful National holidays


22 June, 2016

Having people over for the National holidays? Here are a few decorating tricks to help you create an unforgettable celebration Are you entertaining family and friends in your yard to celebrate th[...]



Family life

17 June, 2016

Whether it's for a cozy dinner for two or an afternoon celebration with the whole family, having a barbecue takes a certain amount of organization. So here are five surprisingly ingenious tips f[...]


Tapas night with friends


29 March, 2016

Recipes and decorating ideas for a warm and inviting evening The kids at a sleepover, summer camp or staying with your parents? Jump at the opportunity to have a sophisticated evening with frien[...]


Ready. Set. Eat!

Cooking tricks

29 March, 2016

It's a well-known fact: sports make people hungry! This is why you must have enough to make sure your guests eat their fill. Whatever you decide to serve them, forget the silverware because your[...]


Delicious finger food for festive occasions


29 March, 2016

If holiday entertaining is an art, so is making all your guests happy! Along with having an impeccable tree, wanting to beat your father-in-law at cards and showing off your encyclopedic repertoire [...]


Fast and easy ideas for weekday meals

Family life

29 March, 2016

Five quick recipes, for the lunch box or the supper table, to make the whole family smile. Say goodbye to stress and hello to five quick recipes from Olymel, for weekday suppers or lunches prepare[...]


Savour the summer, Olymel-style!

Family life

29 March, 2016

Try our chef's favourite recipes, ready in under 30 minutes, giving you time to relax with your family or enjoy an evening with friends. This recipe for [...]


Spotlight on Ham

Cooking tricks

29 March, 2016

Everything you need to know to make ham like a pro. After spending the day outside, nothing beats opening the door to the wonderful aromas of home cooking. You can easily create that special wa[...]


The feng shui kitchen

Well living

29 March, 2016

Feng shui, the Chinese term meaning "wind-water," is a form of energy (or "chi") that surrounds us all and flows well or poorly depending on, among other things, our decor. Do yo[...]


Health and storage

Practical guide

29 March, 2016

Bacteria found in our environment love heat. The internal temperature of food is a determining factor for the growth of micro-organisms. The danger zone for food is between 4ºC/39ºF and 60[...]



Well living

29 March, 2016

Recently, we have noticed an increasing number of gluten-free products on shelves. The market for gluten-free food choices has also grown in the food service sector. Olymel offers several gluten-f[...]


Picnicking: Don't forget a thing!

Family life

29 March, 2016

Are you going on a picnic for a couple of hours or for the whole day? Have you already planned a tasty menu featuring Olymel products? Because it's so easy to forget something, here's a checklist yo[...]


Fancy a health cure?

Well living

29 March, 2016

[image] With summer on the horizon, are you feeling the need for a mini health cure to revitalize your energy? Each time the season changes, whether it's fall, winter, spring or summer, experts [...]


We're off to the park!

Family life

28 March, 2016

Throughout Quebec and across Canada, you'll find countless picnic parks where you can spend an hour or a whole day. Whether you're an urbanite who prefers to picnic in the neighbourhood park[...]


A picnic basket primer

Family life

28 March, 2016

How do you choose the right picnic carrier, both durable and practical, that you can use year after year, whether it's a family outing or an intimate meal for two? Easy, with our handy guide to pic[...]


5 tips to get your kids out the door on time

Family life

28 March, 2016

In a lot of households, mornings can quickly turn into battle zones where total chaos reigns. Multiply the degree of difficulty by the number of family members and, let's face it, mornings can be a [...]


How to choose a lunchbox you'll love

Family life

28 March, 2016

It's back to school time and, among the long list of necessities you'll be buying for the kids, the lunchbox figures prominently. In today's lunchbox universe, you'll find a wide s[...]


Good-bye stress, hello tai chi!

Well living

28 March, 2016

Tai chi originally evolved as a martial art, but over time, it’s grown into a gymnastic discipline to help balance the mind and the body. For the body, it builds flexibility, strengthens the m[...]


Making your sports party a success


28 March, 2016

If you're looking for a good excuse to get together with friends, consider throwing a party on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon to watch the game on TV. Check out our tips for making your ge[...]


The ABCs of winter hiking

Family life

28 March, 2016

It's true that the January deep freeze might make you want to hibernate until spring… but that would mean missing out on all the invigorating pleasures of winter. It's a season that will ench[...]


Our favourite blogs

Practical guide

28 March, 2016

Whether you're organizing weekend activities, putting an original stamp on your home decorations or planning a menu to please everyone, the Internet has 1,001 sites dedicated to family living. Looki[...]


Kitchen Yoga

Well living

28 March, 2016

Our increasingly busy lives have us constantly rushing. Ironically, this ultimately promotes a sedentary lifestyle. We're constantly sitting at work, on the bus, in the car and in front of the T[...]


Your Checklist for a Winning Sports Party!


24 March, 2016

Sports events abound on TV? Why not use them as a pretext to gather your family and friends in your living room? Let's huddle and plan your winning sports party! Ready, set... Are you sure? W[...]


The Half-Time Snack


24 March, 2016

Your friends are coming over to watch the football, basketball or hockey game of the year? Make half-time delicious with an enticing, yet uncomplicated, snack because you and your guests will be jus[...]


S.O.S. Cooking

Cooking tricks

24 March, 2016

Tips on how to impress your guests Maybe you have zero chance of ever becoming a celebrity chef, but you still love to cook for friends. Impress your guests (and maybe yourself, too !) with a few [...]


The Art of Hosting


24 March, 2016

3 simple tips to make your soirée a smashing success [...]


The King of the Grill!

Cooking tricks

14 March, 2016

Your chef's apron, your cooking tongs, your grill and your Olymel products: that's all you need for an exceptionally successful meal! Barbecuing is obviously one of summer's simplest pleasures. We h[...]

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