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Figs with Ham
Figs with Ham Figs with Ham
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Figs with Ham

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preparation time

00:20 20min

Cooking time

00:00 0min


  • 6 slices Black Forest ham, cut in 2
  • 6 black figs
  • ¼ cup (60 ml) crème fraîche
  • 2 tbsp. (30 ml) blue cheese (your choice)
  • 12 leaves baby kale


  1. Cut figs in 2 lengthwise and remove a thin slice from each half so it won't roll around. Place crème fraîche and blue cheese in a small, deep mixing bowl and mix until even textured.
  2. Place about ½ spoon of the cheese mixture on each fig half.
  3. Fold half slices of ham and place on top of the cream rosettes, pressing down so they stick.
  4. Decorate each fig with a sheet of baby kale and serve immediately.