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The secret to perfect pulled pork

30 January, 2023

Classed under: Cooking tricks

Did you know pork is an MVP in Canadians’ plates? Whether it’s for ham, bacon, or cutlets, Canada is at the top of the charts when it comes to pork production. One of the best strategies to savour it to the fullest is to make pulled pork. Check out our tips to score big with dinner.

A star cut of meat
You have to pick the cut of meat like you pick your players in fantasy hockey. First pick: pork shoulder. Its stats speak for themselves: high protein content combined with a melting texture when cooked slowly. This tasty piece is ideal for making pulled pork.

Seasoning to get in the zone
At this pre-game stage, your favourite flavours need to get on the ice: season your pork shoulder with a dry-rub made with salt and your favourite aromatics. Aim for 1 to 12 hours of rest in this mixture to deeply season the meat. Pour your pick of dark soda or beer, depending on your lineup of ingredients. Finish with a generous dose of onions and garlic for a flavourful finale. And remember, there’s no specific game plan for the best recipe; the winning formula is the recipe that speaks to you.

Cooking time: the key play of the game
Cooking starts the moment you sear the piece of meat. This step caramelizes and adds taste to your meat. Don’t hesitate to go into overtime: slow cooking is always the priority. This game plan makes the meat tender and juicy every time. We’re talking 4 to 5 hours at low temperature (or the equivalent of 2 or 3 good games). Our starting trio of cooking methods includes a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, in the oven or on the stove.

Coach’s corner
For guaranteed victory at dinner, try coating your pulled meat in your favourite sauce after cooking. BBQ, chili, honey garlic… the possibilities are endless to add even more flavour to pork. The key to success is going all in with your seasoning. And if the final score wasn’t to your liking, next time just adjust your shot!