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3 great reasons to serve pork

6 March, 2017

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The truth about pork

In a lot of people’s minds all cuts of pork have a lot of fat, but nothing could be further from the truth! The reality is, not only is pork not fatty, it’s one of the leanest meats around. And it’s also an excellent source of iron, zinc and protein.

1. Aiming for healthy weight with pork: a winning strategy
Pork is a food with a high nutritional density and a lot of essential nutrients. That means it is very good at helping people feel full, which is in turn helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Often, protein-poor diets increase people’s hunger and can actually cause them to consume more calories than they actually need, not to mention leading to reductions in muscle mass and tone. By eating pork, this situation can be avoided.

Did you know that, due to their high nutritional density, lean meats are recommended by dieticians to help facilitate losing weight and keeping it off? 

Lean cuts of pork (containing very few grams of fat per 100 g of meat), notably pork fillet (3.6 g per 100 g cooked), cutlets and strip (4.1 g per 100 g cooked) as well as roast loin and centre cut (6.8 g per 100 g cooked) can be terrific options for people on diets. 

2. A lean, healthy meat
According to Health Canada’s standards, all trimmed cuts of pork with the exception of ribs are considered “LEAN”.  With pork, fat is not interwoven with the fibres of the meat but rather appears on its surface, much like a banana peel, which means it can be easily identified and removed. 

As an example, a medium portion of 100 g of cooked pork contains only 7.5 g of fat, while in a healthy diet, recommended daily amounts of fat are around 65 g for women and 90 g for men.

3. Good for grownups…  and for kids!

Pork is a food that is recommended for adults as well as for adolescents and young children. In fact, its high nutritional value helps meet their need for protein, minerals and vitamins throughout their growth while also helping strengthen their immune systems.

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