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Halloween Special: very scary foods!

21 October, 2016

Classed under: Cooking tricks

Yummy ideas to spook your little monsters!

Ah, the night all the mini-vampires, pint-sized Spidermen and adorable little witches come out to haunt the neighbourhood.

Halloween is often a kid’s favourite night of the year (for some adults, too) and getting ready for trick-or-treating is a great way to spend some awesome family time together.

To get you all in the Halloween spirit, here are 5 tasty treats your little goblins will soon be gobbling!  They’re easy and fun to make and just a little bit spooky! 

1. Arrange crudités in scary Halloween motifs. (Source)

2. Make cute little mummies with wieners and crescent roll dough. (Source)

3. Freeze plastic spiders right into ice cubes for guaranteed goosebumps with every sip.  (Source)

4. These mini-pizzas are frightfully flavourful. (Source)

5.  Finally, a sweet tooth that’s as scary as it is delicious! (Source)

To make the pastry mummies extra yummy, try our Olymel smoked sausages! (Not available in Quebec.)

Try making your petrifying pizzas with our new Olymel Amoré  pepperoni!