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5 tips for taking a road trip with kids

7 July, 2016

Classed under: Family life

For a fun, worry-free vacation

In summer, road trips make for super weekend getaways or longer vacations for the whole family… provided you get organized first!

Whatever your destination —  u-pick farm, zoo, festival or camping — you could be spending up to half your trip on the road.  So you might as well enjoy yourself!
Here are a few handy tips to make your road trip almost as exciting as the final destination. 

5 tips for taking a road trip with kids

Before leaving, go over the trip plan with the kids to help avoid meltdowns and backseat warfare. Tell them how long it will take to get there before the “are we there yets?” start to grate on your nerves, and clearly announce how long until the next lunch stop or bathroom break. A kid who knows what to expect is usually a lot more easy-going.

Children need to stretch their legs often and answer nature's calls every couple of hours. Why not count how many stops you're likely to make and prepare a small surprise loot bag to hand out at each stop. Fill them with snacks, stickers and puzzles and such and the kids will sit quietly, absorbed by their gifts, for the next leg of the trip.

Put together a play bag for each child containing crayons, colouring books, toys, portable video games, etc. Keep a couple of surprises for trip's end. Audio books, often available from your municipal library, are popular as are portable DVD players. (Keep these in reserve for later in the trip, when all the other toys are played out.)

Put together a first-aid kit and add some wet-naps, plastic bags (for garbage and in case anyone gets car sick) and sunscreen. Don't forget the chargers for tablets and phones!

To avoid junk food along the way, bring along a supply of snacks and drinks. They'll give you the flexibility to stop for lunch or supper when you find a suitable place. Avoid sugary snacks that'll have the kids bouncing in their seats. Go with sandwiches, crackers, fruit, yogurt and cheese instead. For some healthy snack ideas that travel well, click here