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How to face off your teen's appetite

30 January, 2023

Classed under: Family life

“Mom, dad, we’re hungry!” Recognize that rallying cry? Battling your teenagers’ mighty cravings isn’t always easy. When snacks can’t check their insatiable hunger, try these strategies.

Trays are your big hitter
Baking trays are your star player for an easy and practical option. The game plan is simple: organize a roster of ingredients on a baking tray and bam! In the oven. Go for a winning trio of protein, vegetables, and starch for a nutritious meal that barely uses any dishes. Score!

Choose your starting lineup
Score some goals with your starving athletes by choosing meals as a team. At centre: protein. Sausages, cold cuts, or ham are versatile and winning options. To add freshness and nutrients, back your meat selection with a solid quantity of veggies. Go with the seasons! Complete the whole with starch ingredients like potatoes, gnocchi, or legumes. Finish with tasty seasonings and fresh toppings for a memorable power play.

Set up winning combos
When hunger strikes, try one of these delicious combinations:

  • Italian:
    Italian sausages, tomatoes, red onions, gnocchi, bocconcini cheese topped with fresh basil.
  • Sweet and sour:
    Honey garlic sausages, apple cubes, white potatoes and sweet potatoes, onions, topped with sauerkraut.
  • Breakfast:
    Breakfast sausages, eggs, small potatoes, tomatoes, topped with parsley. A feast perfect for brunch!

The taste of victory
To win this face-off with your teens’ appetite, our suggestions are gold. A balanced meal filled with protein sends their hunger straight to the bench. If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s to go for nutritious combinations and generous portions. You’ll get the advantage every time!