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Making vegetables sexy for carnivores

6 February, 2019

Classed under: Well living

Not quite as attracted by a bunch of broccoli as by a nice crisp slice of bacon? Brussels sprouts don't make your mouth water as much as grilled sausages? Crudités can't quite hold a candle to pepperoni when it's time to titillate your taste buds?

We get that.

But since even the most carnivorous of diets needs at least some greens, here are our very best efforts to make vegetables more appetizing. You can thank us later.

Brussels sprouts with bacon and shallots

If we had a category for least sexy vegetable, Brussels sprouts would definitely be high on the list. Yet we encourage you to make a special place for them among your favourite recipes by adding delicious smoked bacon. With a little apple juice and some shallots for a touch of originality, this recipe will charm the fussiest palate.

Pizza-style zucchini rounds

With a name like that, we bet this recipe has already enticed a few people. Like a long-awaited conquest, these pizza rounds on zucchini, topped with Amoré pepperoni and delicious tomato sauce, will want to make you shout “Mamma mia!” to the most carnivorous among us.  

Grilled vegetable roll-ups with old-fashioned smoked ham

Ever tried to seduce a carnivore by doing your “bacon dance”? Instead, try making these delicious stuffed zucchini roll-ups with delicious old-fashioned smoked ham and goat cheese. Trust us, your date will soon be rolling on the ground!


Mini stuffed peppers

Just a notch below the winners of your favourite dating show, the second hottest couple of the moment are our mini stuffed peppers with  delicious Amoré pepperoni. Top it with some cheese and marinara sauce for a result that's as sexy as an innocent eggplant emoji.

Cucumber cups with Black Forest ham

If you're looking to spice up your routine maybe it's time for a little swap: so swap out the core of your cucumbers for a meaty stuffing. Make these cucumber cups stuffed with Black Forest ham by removing the seedy cores and filling them with ham and cheese.  Less veg, more meat. Love it!

We hope that with these recipes, vegetables will have earned a warmer spot in your heart.

And don't forget: you're not cheating on your carnivore diet if you introduce vegetables into your food, as long as meat continues to be a part of it!