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Delicious finger food for festive occasions

29 March, 2016

Classed under: Hosting

If holiday entertaining is an art, so is making all your guests happy! Along with having an impeccable tree, wanting to beat your father-in-law at cards and showing off your encyclopedic repertoire of Québécois karaoke songs, you also want a menu that will please everyone. 

To charm all your guests and tantalize the most discriminating foodie, here are some flavourful finger food ideas.



Surprise canapés

Putting an entire baked potato in your mouth is a bit of an achievement. Maximize your mouth-to-potato ratio with these all-dressed potato canapés, piled high with bacon, sour cream and chives. Surprising, delicious, we love 'em.





Sweet & salty nibbles

The idea of dates at Christmastime has been around since before the first Christmas. These bacon date bites, with honey and rosemary make the perfect cocktail nibble. And because they’re so easy to make you can take your time choosing a lovely white wine to go with them.




Pizza reinvented

Because (almost) everyone likes pizza, these little hors-d’œuvre will be gone in the time it takes to shout “Ham!”  Top English muffins with smoked Black Forest ham, your favourite veggies and a few fresh herbs for a flavourful combination.





Italian kebabs

The perfect combination of tomatoes, bocconcini and Amoré pepperoni makes these caprese mini-kebab perfect for your next cocktail buffet. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, everyone will thoroughly enjoy them. And you can make them in about the time it takes to spell bocconcini. 




These roasted veggie roll-ups are an awesome appetite builder. What’s more, you can eat them with just one hand, which is rather practical if you happen to have a glass of bubbly in the other when the countdown to midnight comes around.

Whichever bites and nibbles you decide to make this Christmas, we guarantee that your guests won’t be able to stop at just one. Happy Holidays!