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S.O.S. Cooking

24 March, 2016

Classed under: Cooking tricks

Tips on how to impress your guests

Maybe you have zero chance of ever becoming a celebrity chef, but you still love to cook for friends. Impress your guests (and maybe yourself, too !) with a few simple tips from the pros on how to get better and bigger flavour out of your favourite dishes. 

S.O.S. Cooking
  • To get maximum flavour from bacon, immerse it in cold water for two to three minutes before frying. This will help the fat melt more slowly so strips stay straighter and the meat has better flavour. 
  • When preparing a roast or filet of pork, brown it on all sides in a pan to produce a flavourful crust. Before placing it in the oven, brush on a light coating of Dijon mustard mixed with finely minced garlic, black pepper and herbs.
  • Flavour roast poultry by basting it with a mixture of herbs and cooking juices about 15 minutes before its done.
  • A pinch of paprika in chicken gravy gives it a delicious pimentoey flavour.
  • When reheating vegetables, try using a flavoured butter you love, like:
    • Herbed butter,
    • Lemon herbed butter,
    • Citrus butter,
    • Mustard butter,
    • Bacon & chive butter,
    • Shallot butter.

To flavour butter, simply let it stand at room temperature until soft, add your choice of seasoning and mix well.

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