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16 October, 2017

Classed under: Cooking tricks

It's time for fall activities with the family, and that includes the inevitable trip to the u-pick orchard! And it will come as no surprise that you'll soon find yourself with way more apples than you have ways to prepare them, but not to worry! Here are 6 simple recipes that'll help you cook your way to the bottom of your apple supply in no time (with the help of a few mouthfuls as you go).


For lunches – Grilled ciabatta with bratwurst sausages, caramelised apple and oka cheese
Apples are a great way to add a touch of sweetness to your midday meal. This fall, try ciabatta bread with Bratwurst sausage complemented with cinnamon flavoured apples and tasty melted cheese. Learn how to make this simple, flavourful recipe right here.



For a healthy snack – Apple chips
Thanks to these low-fat apple chips, you'll never have to fight off those between-meal cravings again. Not only are they easy to make, they're delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth.  You'll find the recipe right ici.
(Source and photo credits: She loves Biscotti)



For the heartiest appetites – Pork back ribs with apples
Fall definitely means the return of comfort food, and these pork back ribs with apples arrive just in time. Learn how to make these finger licking good ribs here.




To quench your thirst  – Homemade apple juice
Maybe you weren’t aware, but making your own apple juice isn’t all that complicated. In addition to keeping well, you can also use it in many other recipes, like pogos with homemade mustard, caraway and apples! Find out how to whip them up here.
(Source and photo credits: Tablespoon)



For a spectacular side dish – Pork tenderloin medallions with caramelized apples
Who says caramelized apples are just for dessert?  This recipe for pork tenderloin medallions accompanied by delicious apples and a good chardonnay is perfect for family or company! If it has piqued your interest, the recipe is right here.



For a one-of-a-kind combination – Apple pie and bacon
There's no disputing apple pie is a fall favourite. If, however, you get a hankering for a novel take on that old standard, here’s a dessert that’ll tickle your taste buds: apple pie with … bacon! 
(Source and photo credits: Genius kitchen)



So there you have it. Apples give you more ways than ever to make your mouth water this fall. So happy peeling!