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Cook with the family

30 January, 2023

Classed under: Family life

Cooking with the family
Juggling family and everyday responsibilities can be a hell of a sport. Luckily, getting your kids involved in the kitchen has many perks. On top of being a fun activity, cooking with the little ones sharpens their sense of responsibility, makes for some nice quality time together, and allows them to score some autonomy points. Take a look at our winning strategies for encouraging your little MVPs to help out in the kitchen.

Get the whole team to play
Did you know that cooking isn’t just for the big leagues? Fans of all ages can contribute. Instead of leaving the kids on the sidelines, give them simple tasks like picking condiments or ingredients. No matter how many players in training, everyone can put in some work. After all, participation is all that matters!

Call on the right players at the right time
No need to be the GOAT to help at dinnertime. Challenge your kids at their level, like during the safest but most crucial steps. Coach them to measure quantities and mix ingredients, and at the same time boost their confidence. Just keep the dangerous work for the pros: blades cut deep, whether they’re on kitchen knives or on skates.

Pick the perfect line-up
The best time to involve the little ones is during the pre-game. Why not get them to set the table, allowing them to pick their favourite dishes and their seat. When they’re motivated, they’ll be your best partners! Don’t underestimate how much your kids can help you during game-time. To impress you, they’ll give their 110%.

What a hat trick
After dinner, it’s overtime: the last breakaway to win the whole evening. The cleaning and tidying steps are also good moments to involve your kids. No matter the task, trust them to give you a helping hand. After all, it takes a whole team to win a game!