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12 fun recipes to introduce your kids to cooking

18 February, 2020

Classed under: Family life

A love of cooking is often passed down from one generation to the next. We all remember a few of our grandmother's classics or have fond memories of a dish from our childhood. Now it's your turn to pass this knowledge on!

Teaching your kids the ABCs of cooking can be both fun and easy, especially if you have a few tips and tasty recipes at hand. That's where we come in. So let's put on our aprons!

Start with the basics

Since you have to start somewhere, opt for tried-and-true recipes that are simple and flavourful. Classics that are virtually no-fail and that call for only a few ingredients will ensure your child hits a home run on their first try!

Simple, practical recipes:

Make it an adventure

Finally your kids have a chance to play with their food! Roll up your sleeves and show them that cooking can be creative and enjoyable. Here are a few ideas that are sure to please chefs (and taste testers), whether they're 7 or 77!

Funny and unique recipes:

Let them make their favourite dishes

While nothing compares to Mom or Dad's comfort food, give your kids a chance to try their hand at making the same dishes. With a little time and practice, they may be taking over for you in the kitchen! What will you do with all that free time?

Classic recipes:

Tiny treats for tiny tots

Your kids may only make a few bites' worth, but they'll have a ball helping you make these classic dishes in snack size!

Miniature recipes for the kid in all of us:

Have them make their lunch for the next day

Turn what's often a headache for parents into child's play: literally! These lighthearted recipes will make your kids the envy of the lunchroom.

Lunch recipes:

Make a dish they can share with their friends

If your child catches the cooking bug, why not invite their friends to join in the fun? We have the #1 ingredient (and the recipe to go with it) to serve birthday party guests or to make as a group activity.

Recipe to share: