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A mini veggie garden in your kitchen!

9 May, 2017

Classed under: Practical guide

Now that spring's finally here, we bet you're looking forward to some fresh, flavourful greens. Perfect timing, because spring is the ideal season to start your kitchen garden! Nothing could be easier than growing your own delicious herbs and vegetables in your very own kitchen. 

Here are 5 types of “crops” that might interest you.

1. Basil
This deliciously aromatic herb goes incredibly well with tomatoes, but it needs a little TLC once it's planted in a pot. The good thing is, once it's going, it just keeps on producing literally forever!
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2. Lettuce
Instead of throwing away your lettuce hearts, keep them in pots of water in full sun. It's true! That's all you need to do to have fresh lettuce year-round. What a concept!
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3. Cilantro
Cilantro leaves at your fingertips? Say hello to tacos and salsa! All kidding aside, this herb is super easy to grow. Start your cilantro plants as soon as the warm weather arrives, use pH balanced potting soil and avoid sprinkling the leaves. 
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4. Green onions
Indispensable in the kitchen and so easy to grow, we just had to tell you! All you need to do is place a few bulbs at the bottom of a Mason jar, roots downward, and cover them with water. Wait a couple days then top up the water as it evaporates. You'll be amazed at how fast they grow!
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5. Ginger
Perfect in spicy, summertime dishes, great in winter as a cold remedy: ginger has a lot going for it! And when you can grow it in the kitchen and always have it handy, take advantage of the fact!  After letting the ginger root soak in hot water overnight, plant it (bud up) in rich potting soil you'll need to keep moist at all times with a mister.  After a few weeks pretty sprouts should appear! 
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