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Canning 101

24 October, 2016

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Everything you need to know about using Mason jars for your fall canning

Like a lot of people, you might associate fall with home canning. And while canning was a necessity in our grandparents' day, today we do it for the pure fun of it, to follow family traditions and also to put up a supply of delicious pickles, jams and marmalades we can enjoy all year. 

Once you've decided which fruits and vegetables you want to preserve, you'll need to choose an appropriate container. 

Mason jars are the undisputed champions of Pinterest (along with wooden pallets) and you just know they can hold ANYTHING.  Still, while you are happily absorbed creating your signature Mason jar candle holders, lampshades and herb gardens, you tend to lose sight of their original function: preserving foods.

That's where we come in with our A-Z visual guide on how to use Mason jars for pickling.

With our guide you'll know exactly which Mason jar to use according to the type of food you want to preserve.

1 litre jars

Ideal for:
Sliced fruit preserves
Whole fruit preserves
Preserved dried tomatoes

500 ml jars

Ideal for:
Soups and stews

250 ml jars

Ideal for:
Homemade ketchups
Fruit butters

125 ml (wide mouth)

Ideal for:

Fruit syrups
Pizza sauce
Jams and marmalades
Fruit jellies
Anything in individual portions

Here are a few delicious recipes:

Mango and peach chutney
Fruit ketchup

If you're looking for recipe ideas to complement your amazing preserves, tries these Olymel products