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7 November, 2017

Classed under: Well living

Nitrite-free cold cuts. What are they exactly?

Very recently we added a new line of products to our grocery offering: nitrite-free cold cuts. You probably eat nitrites every day without ever considering their role in your diet or the impact they may have on you.

So let's shed some light on the subject!

What are nitrites?
Nitrites are molecules found in large quantity in our natural environment. As far as our diet is concerned, nitrites naturally occur in certain foods, too, like beets, lemon juice and spinach, for instance. At other times, they are added to a product's ingredients, in cold cuts for example.


The role they play as a food ingredient includes:
⦁  Acting as conservation agent in the preservation of cold cuts;
⦁  Giving cold cuts their characteristic colour and flavour.

Is there a problem with nitrites?
Nitrites themselves do not pose a health risk. We find them throughout nature and in the foods we eat. They become a problem when they are combined with proteins and are heated to high temperatures, as is the case with cold cuts. In this instance, nitrites are transformed into nitrosamines, which some studies conclude are probable carcinogens. There are two kinds of nitrites, synthetic nitrites and natural nitrites. As a rule of thumb, the two types of nitrites react the same way in the human body.

Our nitrite-free cold cuts
In order to improve health and well-being, we're launching our new nitrite-free product line, which includes Black Forest Smoked Ham, Old-Fashioned Smoked Ham, and Smoked Turkey Breast

In addition to containing zero nitrites, this line of products is also free of gluten and added sugar. And the good news? These changes in no way affect the taste or the shelf life of cold cuts. So you can enjoy the same great cold cut taste you've always loved.

What are nitrites being replaced by?
By simple, healthy ingredients like citrus extracts, pomegranate, yeast and spices. No other ingredients or chemical additives will be used in these cold cuts. 

What you need to remember
In a nutshell, nitrite-free cold cuts are a small step towards eating a more balanced diet.  By choosing them, you are making a healthier choice without compromising on flavour. 

You can see our entire line-up of nitrite-free products here.
Bon appétit!