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Apple bacon martini
Apple bacon martini Apple bacon martini
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Apple bacon martini

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preparation time

00:05 5min

Cooking time

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To bring a touch of originality to your next gossipy girl's night out, try our apple bacon martini recipe. You have no idea the kind of stuff you're going to learn!


  • 1 slice cooked Olymel applewood smoked bacon
  • 15 ml lime juice
  • 30 ml apple juice
  • 3 slices green apple
  • 30 ml apple schnapps
  • 30 ml vodka
  • 1 slice of cooked naturally smoked bacon
  • 30 ml (1 oz.) vodka
  • 30 ml (1 oz.) apple schnapps
  • 30 ml (1 oz.) apple juice
  • 15 ml (1/2 oz.) lime juice
  • Ice cubes
  • 3 slices green apple


  1. To a shaker filled with ice cubes, add all ingredients except apple slices and bacon. Shake vigorously.
  2. Strain out shaker contents into a martini glass.
  3. Garnish with apple slices and a bacon slice on a toothpick.